What Makes Unifi A Perfect Choice

What Makes Unifi A Perfect Choice

To avoid consuming your mobile data, also avoid watching your streaming videos in 720p or 1080p, and prefer low definition. Whether on YouTube or Netflix, it is possible to change the quality of the image and bring it down to 240p or 144p, by going to the options and settings. Reading comfort will obviously be less, but this is the price to pay to avoid exhausting your 4G plan. The principle is the same for music listened to on Deezer or Spotify, which makes it possible to reduce the sound quality. Using the klik sini untuk pakej TM Unifi di Malaysia is essential there.

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Or Data Compression 

You can also take advantage of apps that offer offline use. Netflix, Spotify, Google Maps and many other services now offer offline modes that keep mobile data usage as low as possible. Some apps, like Pocket, also allow you to save pages, videos and music and view them later without being logged in.

Don’t hesitate to use a data compressor. Some browsers, such as Apache and Opera, are thus equipped with a “compression” function. The concept: when you want to open a web page, it is first opened in a cloud service, then compressed before being sent to you. Your browser then decompresses the data and displays the page, all within a very short time. A system that thus makes it possible to download web pages previously compressed, and therefore much less heavy and greedy in data while increasing the speed of navigation. 

For its part, Chrome offers a “simplified mode” on the same principle: part of the data goes through Google’s servers before being downloaded to your device, and if the page loads slowly, Google’s servers simplify it to reduce the amount of data downloaded during website browsing.

Switch To Wi-Fi

The use of 4G networks may however encourage the famous “partial congestion” and other “localized congestion” which may prevent you from connecting to the Internet or which will slow down or even speed. 

Hence The Same Advice, From Both Operators And Network Experts:

Switch to Wi-Fi via your fixed box. So use your home Wi-Fi as much as possible to telework, make video calls, surf social networks or watch videos (knowing that streaming represents 75 to 80% of (global) online data traffic); which will also allow you to save your mobile data.