Tips To Keeping Your Account Safe

Tips To Keeping Your Account Safe

As we move closer to a cashless society, online banking has become a normal event in daily life. Most of us prefer to perform our transactions using online banking since it appears to be much more convenient. Not only is it handier in the sense that it saves us time and energy, but it has also evolved into a safer option for managing our finances.

Despite this, there is no denying that many people are sceptical of internet banking. They are concerned about the security of their funds and question if completing transactions online could lead to their funds being stolen by hackers. And, while banks try their best to keep your account safe, it’s never a bad idea to take extra safeguards yourself. Here are a few options for doing so.

Create strong passwords

Creating a secure password is probably the most obvious technique to keep your bank accounts protected. It doesn’t have to be a complicated password. It simply has to be difficult enough that no one will guess it on the first try. Another piece of advice I can give you is to avoid using passwords that have anything to do with your personal life. Birth dates and anniversary dates should not be used as passwords. 

Change passwords regularly

You should also change your passwords on a frequent basis. You ensure that others don’t have much time to guess your passwords by doing so. It also assures that your account will be protected by a unique password at all times.

Avoid unverified links

Unverified links and icons are frequently discovered in the corner of the page when making online transactions. To prevent hazardous viruses from infecting your device and stealing your bank login information, you must avoid clicking on such unverified URLs and icons.  

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Use private networks

Many people forget, but when conducting online transactions, you must avoid using public Wi-Fi. This is because your data and search history are visible to others when you utilise public Wi-Fi. Despite the security mechanisms in place, someone may find out information such as your login and passwords for your internet banking account if they wanted to. As a result, it’s easy to just avoid it altogether.

Use Incognito or Private Tabs

When conducting online transactions, it is best to look for websites using incognito or private tabs. This is to ensure that no one, including your search engine, can monitor your searches, making it even safer for you. Your usernames and passwords will not be retained on your device if you use private tabs. Even if your phone is stolen, you won’t lose your money because of this.

So, if you’ve been thoroughly convinced and would like to begin your online banking journey, try opening an online banking account in Malaysia at Hong Leong Bank.