Self Care In The Time Of Lockdown 

Self Care In The Time Of Lockdown 

We are currently living in truly extraordinary times. The whole world is in isolation, travel is restricted,  going outside can be a legal issue, and fresh air is even a privilege. 

The Novel coronavirus that caused the world’s one of greatest havoc has been responsible for more than a million death and a huge economic downturn. Owing to a lack of cure and lack of vaccines for everyone, we are still stuck in the safety of our home. Taking care of ourselves has become primary during the covid 19 as people struggled to get all their needs and wants to be met. People took extra precautions to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. From investing in sterilization sticks like Dr. Clo Covid 19 sticks to additional isolation measures for prevention. 

The measures we have taken during covid 19 have taken a lot of normalcy away from our daily lives. The lack of normalcy has chipped away at our mental health and put great emphasis on the need for self-care. Self-care does not necessarily have to be the mainstream meaning that is on social media. It is not always about splurging and buying expensive bath bombs. Or investing in a bathtub for that matter. 

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Self-care is anything that promotes well-being, health, and emotional stability. It also promotes your physical well-being just as much as it does improve your mental health. We must practice these self-care tips to maintain our psychological homeostasis during lockdown! 

Sleeping For Sufficient Hours 

Sleeping eight hours a day is considered the best for our body. Now that we are home almost every hour of the day, sleeping too much and too little has become too convenient. It is important that we balance proper sleep ours with our day-to-day tasks. Getting sufficient hours of sleep is important to keep our bodies feeling energized and refreshed. An improper sleep cycle can make us feel lethargic and even affect our hormone cycles, hence our moods. Your emotional well-being is connected to your sleep cycle. 

Sticking To A Proper Work Schedule 

Working from home does not mean we have to work in a flexible schedule. Of course, being home does bring a certain sense of flexibility, but this flexibility should only stick to the clothes we wear for work. When it comes to working hours, it is important to keep them the same as office hours. Putting off our work and doing it late at night does nothing but cause additional stress. Working in proper schedules is also a form of self-care! 

Connecting With Your Family And Friends 

One of the more important practices during the lockdown is connecting with our family and friends. We do not have to call up our day-to-day hang-out buddies but rather keep in touch with the friends we have made online. Sharing and laughing with them on the online medium is a great way to feel better. It alleviates our loneliness and keeps us occupied. 

Work On Your Fitness Level 

Working on your fitness level is also important for self-care. Eating clean and combining it with exercise will make the biggest impact on you during the lockdown. Not only it will improve your mood and health but it will also protect you from harmful diseases as your immune system guards up. 

There is no set of rules on how we should act during the lockdown. It is important to rest as much as we have to stay productive during lockdown too. Self-care is not always about activity but it is also about knowing when to take a break from the world.