Practice Having Safe Sex

Practice Having Safe Sex

Many people like having sex. Many people find it entertaining merely to talk about it, so it’s reasonable if the majority of people don’t want to participate. Even while everyday sex has numerous health benefits, it is important to remember that sex should always be approached with prudence. Because, as much fun, as it is, it may also lead to serious injury if you aren’t careful.

So, how do you go about practising safe sex? So, let’s look at some of the ways you can practise having healthy sex.

To begin, use dental dams. These are what you’ll need if you’re having oral sex on the vaginal or anus. During oral intercourse, dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets that are placed between the mouth and the vagina or anus. This is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

Then, on the outside, use condoms. These allow for penis-in-vagina sex, penis-in-anus intercourse, and oral sex on penises. These are similar to dental dams in that they protect you from STIs while also preventing pregnancy. If you don’t like the first option, you can go with Condoms for the inside. These can be used for sex with the penis in the vaginal canal or with the penis in the anus canal.

Thirdly, finger cots or gloves are advised. These can assist you in remaining safe when performing manual genital stimulation techniques such as fingering, hand jobs, and clitoral stimulation. They may feel more at ease when used with lubricant.

Moving on, keep in mind the need for proper hand hygiene. When it comes to fingering, clitoral stimulation, and other hand chores, hand hygiene is critical. Always wash your hands first to avoid spreading germs. If you’re going to pierce someone with your fingers, keep your nails short as well. This prevents cuts and rips, which are both uncomfortable and infectious. Rubber gloves can also be stuffed with cotton balls for a unique sensation.

After that, you should lubricate. Lube is great for all types of penetrative intercourse because it prevents tearing and irritation inside the vaginal or anus canal. Because the anus, unlike the vagina, cannot manufacture its own lubricant, anal intercourse is particularly important.

If you use sex toys, you should keep them clean at all times. Because sex toys can pass viruses from one person to the next, they should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Consider placing a condom on them before using dildos or other penetrative devices to make cleaning easier and to create a different sensation. Better yet, after a while, consider purchasing new sex toys. Some sex toys should not be used over and over again. You can always get new sex toys from Secret Cherry Malaysia right here. 

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Finally, get yourself tested on a regular basis. Getting tested is important whether you have a regular partner or only have sex on occasion. Your doctor or another healthcare practitioner can advise you on how frequently to test and what to test for.