Postpartum Recovery For Mothers

Postpartum Recovery For Mothers

Many pregnant mothers postpartum body and physical changes have taken place in pregnancy after a variety of tonic food and physiological reactions. Postpartum recovery offers a woman a second chance at life. Women have three opportunities to adjust their body shape in life: menarche, postpartum and menopause, and most importantly, postpartum. It has been found that female hormones, such as estrogen, can increase the lifespan of women who have gone through the process of childbirth by 10 years.

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The timing of postpartum recovery can be divided into three periods.

First, 42 days to 6 months after delivery is the golden period for postpartum recovery. At this point, the postpartum body is the most vulnerable, all physical indicators are in a serious imbalance. During this time, if residual toxins are not removed effectively, it is easy to delay the deterioration into various diseases.

Second, six months to one and a half years after delivery is the ideal recovery period for postpartum women. After the golden period of recovery, toxins have been largely removed and the body is in the best position to recover from bodily damage.

Third, postpartum one and a half to three years belong to postpartum women’s recovery end. At this stage, mothers should carry out comprehensive conditioning, so that the body functions to achieve the best balance, smooth transition to the normal life stage.

Which part of the body should be recovered after childbirth?

The first is the vagina and pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor is mainly composed of the levator ANI muscle and coccygeus muscle on both sides, covering the upper and lower pelvic septum and fascia. They are located in the lower orifice of the pelvis and form a funnel-shaped septum that supports the abdominal and pelvic organs.

The second is the breast. Wearing nursing pads after childbirth can also help with breast recovery. In addition, some mothers worry that breastfeeding will cause sagging of the breast, but in fact, breastfeeding can be very good to promote breast recovery, but also reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and other diseases.

The third is the uterus. After giving birth, the uterus can change back to its original size, which usually takes about six weeks. The color of lochia varies from bright red, dark red, dark black to light red, and finally colorless, which is a signal that the uterus has returned to normal.

The fourth is the figure. In addition to congenital constitution, individual effort is also important. If you want to recover well after childbirth, you should start exercising from pregnancy, and you can’t be lazy after childbirth. As long as there are no postpartum complications, you can slowly resume exercise after giving birth. Take up a few safer exercises, such as walking, swimming, exercise biking, modified yoga, running, etc. In addition, we should pay attention not to overmuch food, otherwise it will cause excess nutrition and hinder the recovery of the figure.

Postpartum recovery is a very important stage after birth for mothers, which cannot be ignored. Therefore, family and father should give more care to mother, accompany her through this long and hard time.