Tips To Take Care Of A Newborn Babies

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Tips To Take Care Of A Newborn Babies

For first-time parents, the first several months with an infant can be stressful and overwhelming. On how to care for a newborn child, everyone will give you different advice. When it came to baby care, it might be tough to determine which suggestions to follow. Caring for a baby is exhausting and demanding, but it’s also one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences you’ll ever have.

1. Feeding

It is vital to feed the baby on a regular basis. Because a newborn needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours, you’ll need to breastfeed her 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period. Breast milk should be the only source of nutrition for the first six months of an infant’s life. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies that are necessary for a baby’s survival and development. At the absolute least, give the baby a 10-minute feeding. Keep your breast close to your baby’s mouth until she latches on and starts sucking. If the newborn has latched on properly, the mother will not experience any pain in her nipples. The breast should feel less full once the baby has completed feeding. This implies that the child is getting enough milk. If breast milk isn’t an option, a doctor-recommended formula should be given to the baby. 60 to 90 mL of formula should be given at each feeding. When you are feeding the infant, you will need a napkin to prevent baby spit-up, check out baby napkins Malaysia.

2. Burping

After the baby has been fed, he or she will need to burp. Babies swallow air while eating, creating gas and colic in their tummies. Burping aids digestion by allowing excess air to escape and decreasing spit-ups and stomach colic. With one hand, hold the baby against your chest. If her chin rests on your shoulder, that’s ideal. Softly pat or rub her back with your other hand till she burps.

3. How to hold your baby

It’s vital to support your infant’s head and neck with one hand while you’re holding her. Because her neck muscles aren’t yet strong enough to support her head on their own, this is the case. Similarly, the backbone is still growing and strengthening. The neck will only be able to support the head on its own after 3 months of age. As a result, remember to support your baby’s head and neck when caring for a newborn.

4. Diapering

Changing diapers on a regular basis is crucial while caring for a newborn infant after delivery. Your baby should wet 6 to 8 diapers per day and have regular bowel movements if she is getting enough breast milk or formula. Her diaper should be changed on a frequent basis, as soon as she notices that it is full. You may have to clean it at least 10 times every day. To change a soiled diaper, you’ll need a changing sheet, mild diaper wipes, diaper rash cream or baby powder, and new diapers. To avoid UTI, wipe your baby girl from front to back rather than back to front. Allow your child to go without a diaper for a few hours each day.

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An Introduction to Foundation in Science

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foundation in science course in ireland

If you have a passion in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Biology, this is the one for you. This is a sign for you to go for foundation in science course in ireland. Pursuing your study in foundation is one of the most popular options offered in Malaysia. Most students would usually pick foundation as a fast track since most foundation ends in only one year with 3 semesters. This post will ease you to get to know everything that you need to understand regarding this course. 

What Does Foundation in Science Offer?

Foundation in Science is a Malaysian pre-university programme that provides you with the education and abilities you’ll need to pursue a science-related undergraduate degree.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics are among the subjects covered in the programme. The English language could be added as one of the essential courses.

The subjects you might learn are:

  • Mathematics
foundation in science course in ireland

You will mostly learn the basic topics such as algebras, business mathematics and calculus. These topics are the significant basic knowledge in mathematics.

  • Biology

You will be focusing more on general biology rather than other topics. General Biology is an introductory course to biology, the science of life. The cell especially, the basics of all and you will learn about its structure and function, cell transport and cellular energy, and how cells proliferate. These are all significant topics in this course and students are most likely to learn about genetics and DNA.

  • Chemistry

One of the most significant subjects among all. You will need a good understanding in chemistry before pursuing any science related field. Since chemistry is closely related to almost everything, you will learn at least the basic understanding in this subject.

  • Computing Essentials

From the name itself, some of you might be worried about what you will learn. Usually, you would be required to at least have the abilities to use gadgets especially the computers. It is a basic need since you will learn more about this topic and it wouldn’t be easy if you are not good at ICT and software. 

Why Choose Foundation in Science?

There are plenty of reasons. You should consider these reasons and choose to join this programme. The following are the main reasons why you should pursue your study in foundation in science.

  • One of the fastest path to enter degree
foundation in science course in ireland

This is a prominent fact. A foundation would usually take only one year, which is equal to three semesters. However, you need to think of your capabilities before deciding. If you have made up your mind and are 100% sure, this is the right track for you. 

  • Ease you in starting your selected degree

You will be equipped with the basic understanding of your chosen science field if you enrol in a foundation in science programme in Malaysia. In fact, students who graduated from foundations are usually very skillful even though they only studied for a year. Isn’t that great? It proves that this programme is effective and helpful for the students.

  • One of the best way to improve your usage of English

Foundation studies would usually use English as a main language. For those whose first language was not English, don’t worry. As part of the preparation, students have the option of participating in an intensive English programme. This can help those who don’t have a strong foundation in English.

You might be invested in this programme after reading all the points mentioned. As usual, everything is in your head. Do keep in mind that it all depends on your skills and capabilities, it doesn’t matter what course or programme you are going to pursue. As long as you have a great passion for it, just go for it. Good luck!


Get Your Workers To Love Coming To Office

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Many of us have become accustomed to working from home in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. Employees experienced what it might be like to work without a commute and have more spare time. While some continued to struggle with the sudden decrease in personal connection, many saw working remotely as a silver lining. There is office for rent in Cyberjaya.

office for rent in Cyberjaya

People are more efficient, the firm saves money, and no one appears to miss collective lunch breaks or in team building events at some companies that have adopted the remote work model.

Others, on the other hand, are anxious to get people back into the physical office as soon as as, and with more Malaysians becoming completely vaccinated, Covid-19 won’t be an issue.

This poses a problem. What should you do if your firm wants to revert to a regular office format but your workers prefer to continue working from home? If you take a harsh “come back or you’ll be fired” posture, your employees may depart for one of the millions of companies that now work remotely full time.

So, how can you organically entice people to return to work?

Accept and Reduce Losses

office for rent in Cyberjaya

One of the first issues you should understand is that some people choose to work from home. Around 70% of employees would rather work from home than in a typical workplace. The proportion is 81 percent among employees aged 35 to 44.

You won’t be able to persuade these folks that returning to work is a good option that will improve them. If you adopt a tough position or push too hard, your most devoted team members may depart to join the ranks of a totally remote firm. Are you ready to face such setbacks?

Improve the Office’s Attractiveness

The transfer back to the physical office might be more enticing—or at least tolerable—if the physical workplace is made more pleasant to employees.


Amenities and furniture Investing in more durable offices, nicer workstations, and a well-equipped break room might put any home office to disgrace. You don’t have to provide your employees with complete Xanadu, but your office should be welcoming and conducive to great productivity.

Maintenance and cleanliness. Because most of us are happier and more productive in a clean atmosphere, you’ll also need to spend on cleaning and upkeep. Call a qualified cleaning crew and make sure they have the appropriate cleaning equipment.

Other advantages: Can you enhance the working atmosphere by providing additional benefits to employees?

Culture Reconstruction

Rebuilding the firm culture will be your next task. What type of working atmosphere and values would you like your staff to have? What will they do to stay together? This is an excellent time to revisit your company’s basic principles, engage with leadership to set a better example for employees, and develop strategies to create stronger connection and camaraderie among employees. Can you, for example, arrange more team-building activities? Is it possible to promote more frequent breaks?

Offer a hybrid model or flexibility.

If the majority of your employees desire to work from home, but you prefer a traditional model, a compromise may be the best option. You may attempt to create a hybrid approach or just give your staff greater flexibility.


The following skin-care compounds should be avoided by pregnant women.

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The following skin-care compounds should be avoided by pregnant women.

Before we begin, keep in mind that there is a scarcity of evidence-based studies on the safety of specific products during pregnancy. Clinical trials on pregnant women are almost always unethical, even if they simply hint to the dangers of specific drugs.

On the other hand, animal research, anecdotal data, and case studies have shown that a few common skin-care compounds have substantial consequences on the foetus. This is the cornerstone of our proposals.

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baby care products malaysia

On the other hand, animal research, anecdotal data, and case studies have shown that a few common skin-care compounds have substantial consequences on the foetus. This is the cornerstone of our proposals.

Cosmetics are required to be “safe” based on their intended uses and labelling by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but they do not require FDA approval to be sold.

All of this begs the question of which cosmetics are truly safe to use while pregnant.

Salicylic acid in high doses

Salicylic acid is a common acne treatment ingredient that works similarly to aspirin in terms of anti-inflammatory qualities. High-dose salicylic acid products, such as peels and oral medications, should be avoided during pregnancy, according to a 2013 study.


Phthalates are hormone disrupting chemicals present in a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products. Phthalates have been linked to serious reproductive and hormonal problems in animals. The FDA and professional medical organisations such as the American Academy of Paediatrics are increasingly looking at endocrine disruptors for their potential to harm congenital reproductive health, despite the fact that there are few human studies to back this up.

Diethyl phthalate (DEP) is the most regularly discovered phthalate, and cosmetics are the most common source of phthalate exposure.

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