Logistics and Supply Chain By Altus Malaysia

Logistics and Supply Chain Definition

Supply chain management is a term that describes how companies collaborate to connect customers, suppliers, and other partners in order to improve end-customer efficiency and value.

What is the Difference Between Logistics and Supply Chain Management? According to Michigan State University, supply chain management is a strategic choice made in the distribution network. You need to know proper supply chain management so that it will create the “operational” content in which logistics can do optimization on certain database.

Meaning of Logistics

Logistics, on the other hand, is an important part of the supply chain. A logistics company, for example, will design, execute, and oversee the efficient flow of goods and services back and forth.

Logistics ensures that your customers receive the products they want at the right time, in line with the right price and quality demands. Outbound and inbound logistics are part of the consideration. While log -in includes things like procuring raw materials for a product, logistics out goes beyond the initial purchase and storage of goods. Outgoing logistics considers distribution to customers, including fulfilling orders, managing stock, packaging, and shipping.

Do Logistics Management and Supply Chain Work Together? Is It Related? 

While it is not the same thing, supply chain management, and logistics processes share related information and purposes. The two solutions complement each other to ensure products move smoothly through warehousing, to distributor and distribution centers, until they finally arrive at their final destination.

Other Definition of Logistics 

 In Wikipedia and other websites, there is a definition stated that logistics cannot exist without supply chain management, and vice versa. Notably, a working  supply chain management is a way of linking processes in a business or company network into a model that drives advantages for the business, and the end user. Logistics refers to the flow of goods, and services or information moving in and out of an organization, from the procurement and purchase of forklifts, to the use of U.S. distributors.

Altus Malaysia as A Company

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What is Military Logistics That You Need To Know

Military logistics, where it is important to coordinate operations and supplies to the end point in the quickest and most efficient manner, is where logistics as a business function begins. As an adjective, logistics or logistics denotes something that pertains to or is related to logistics. It is derived from both the Greek and English words logistikos and logistics. Logistics is a sort of reasoning that employs both mathematical and symbolic methodologies.

In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, logistics is important. It really matters with our daily life. A logistic function is a mathematical concept that refers to a type of function also called a logistic curve or an ‘s’ curve. It is a more complete model of exponential functions and is used in the study of living organisms populations.