Get Your Workers To Love Coming To Office

Many of us have become accustomed to working from home in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak. Employees experienced what it might be like to work without a commute and have more spare time. While some continued to struggle with the sudden decrease in personal connection, many saw working remotely as a silver lining. There is office for rent in Cyberjaya.

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People are more efficient, the firm saves money, and no one appears to miss collective lunch breaks or in team building events at some companies that have adopted the remote work model.

Others, on the other hand, are anxious to get people back into the physical office as soon as as, and with more Malaysians becoming completely vaccinated, Covid-19 won’t be an issue.

This poses a problem. What should you do if your firm wants to revert to a regular office format but your workers prefer to continue working from home? If you take a harsh “come back or you’ll be fired” posture, your employees may depart for one of the millions of companies that now work remotely full time.

So, how can you organically entice people to return to work?

Accept and Reduce Losses

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One of the first issues you should understand is that some people choose to work from home. Around 70% of employees would rather work from home than in a typical workplace. The proportion is 81 percent among employees aged 35 to 44.

You won’t be able to persuade these folks that returning to work is a good option that will improve them. If you adopt a tough position or push too hard, your most devoted team members may depart to join the ranks of a totally remote firm. Are you ready to face such setbacks?

Improve the Office’s Attractiveness

The transfer back to the physical office might be more enticing—or at least tolerable—if the physical workplace is made more pleasant to employees.


Amenities and furniture Investing in more durable offices, nicer workstations, and a well-equipped break room might put any home office to disgrace. You don’t have to provide your employees with complete Xanadu, but your office should be welcoming and conducive to great productivity.

Maintenance and cleanliness. Because most of us are happier and more productive in a clean atmosphere, you’ll also need to spend on cleaning and upkeep. Call a qualified cleaning crew and make sure they have the appropriate cleaning equipment.

Other advantages: Can you enhance the working atmosphere by providing additional benefits to employees?

Culture Reconstruction

Rebuilding the firm culture will be your next task. What type of working atmosphere and values would you like your staff to have? What will they do to stay together? This is an excellent time to revisit your company’s basic principles, engage with leadership to set a better example for employees, and develop strategies to create stronger connection and camaraderie among employees. Can you, for example, arrange more team-building activities? Is it possible to promote more frequent breaks?

Offer a hybrid model or flexibility.

If the majority of your employees desire to work from home, but you prefer a traditional model, a compromise may be the best option. You may attempt to create a hybrid approach or just give your staff greater flexibility.