Coated Steel Tube: Strong, durable and flexible

Coated Steel Tube: Strong, durable and flexible

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Steel is recognized for its longevity, its coatings offering a very long guarantee of life to the pipe and foolproof strength. Mild steel cement lined MSCL fittings malaysia is the specialist in the supply of coated steel tubes to the services of your hydraulic projects.

Tri-layer coated steel pipe

The tri-layer coating exhibits excellent impact and puncture resistance, high chemical inertness and high dielectric strength, constituting an effective and durable barrier against stray currents. The coating provides economical cathodic protection and very high stability over time.

The steel tube is coated with a three-component structure:

  • A layer of hot Epoxy powder 50µ mini
  • An extruded adhesive
  • An external coating of Polyethylene or extruded Polypropylene

Manufacture of steel tubes

Steel tubes are manufactured from cold formed sheet lengthwise welded, or from cold unwound coils then formed and helically welded. These two forming processes (long welded – helix welded) allow perfect tube geometry: straightness, concentric, outside diameter and thickness remain constant at all points.

SAW (Submerged Arc Welded) welding

Submerged arc welding with addition of metal: welding is carried out from the inside and the outside of the tube, with ultrasonic control of the weld bead at 100%. Each tube undergoes a hydraulic test.

ERW welding (Electric Resistance Welded)

Welding is carried out without adding metal, by melting the two edges of the coil to allow their mixing after passing through a cage calibrated to the outside diameter of the tube. The operation is also carried out under 100% ultrasonic control, and each tube undergoes a hydraulic test.

  • Commercial manufacturing lengths range from 6 to 13 m ± 0.50 m.
  • Manufacturing plant approval and quality assurance
  • Each coated steel tube comes exclusively from factories, for which Oryx Eleven is the Exclusive Agent.
  • They have a quality system in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001.
mild steel cement lined MSCL fittings malaysia

Compliance with the ISO 9001 standard guarantees the tubes manufactured:

  • Production using perfectly controlled processes,
  • Perfect tuliping of the ends, which saves time for welding,
  • Confidence in obtaining a product that complies with project specifications,
  • Recent references.

The tubes are hydraulically tested in the factory, which ensures a high level of safety in relation to the conditions of use.

The steel of the sheets used for the manufacture of the tubes is of weldable quality. Its characteristics comply with the minimum requirements of the French standard in force. Factory welds on tubes are checked systematically.

Why choose coated steel pipes?

On a worldwide scale, steel tubes are predominant for the transport of fluids in multiple service situations such as river crossing, air passage, unstable terrain, high pressures as in the case of a hydraulic penstock.

Welded coated steel pipes have two specific advantages: an impossible dislocation and the absence of concrete mass. Indeed, the monobloc character of the tubes welded together and the friction of the pipe in the backfill, make it possible to completely do away with concrete blocks. Welded steel tubes allow installation on banks, in riverbeds or in unstable mountain or floodable soils, which present the risk of destabilizing the pipe environment.

A coated steel tube also gives a perfect and lasting seal to the pipe, as well as great resistance to pressure. Finally, coatings such as polyethylene and polypropylene offer a long service life to the pipe and provide high cathodic protection due to its chemical inertness as well as high dielectric strength.

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