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Top 4 Construction Materials You Should Know

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
Top 4 Construction Materials You Should Know

For different components of a home build, the construction industry uses several building materials. Architects consult structural engineers about the load-bearing capacities of the materials they design with, with concrete, steel, wood, masonry, and stone being the most frequent. Each has a different strength, weight, and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The usage of building materials in the construction sector is governed by national standards and testing techniques, so they can be trusted to provide structural integrity. Architects also consider cost and aesthetics while selecting materials. Natural and artificial materials are the most common types of building materials. Natural materials include stone and wood, whereas man-made materials include concrete, masonry, and steel. Both, however, must be prepped or treated before being utilised in construction. Let’s say you have decided to run your online business in an office. You are now planning on buying building materials to reconstruct the office. You can refer to the following list of the most commonly used building materials before buying them.

  1. Iron and Steel

Stronger building materials became necessary to support taller structures after men began to build up rather than out. Tall structures also put a lot of weight on load-bearing walls, necessitating the use of some form of support framework to carry the load. Steel plays a dual role in our builder’s toolset, as we can see. It can be embedded in concrete for stability or used as a stand-alone foundation. Steel may be easily prefabricated for a quick and simple installation. It can be fastened in place with a welded, bolted, or riveted joint. It’s also 100% recyclable, which is significant in today’s green construction techniques. Steel is a cost-effective commercial building material that is also making inroads in home construction. 

  1. Concrete

Concrete is a composite material made up of fine and coarse aggregates (such as gravel, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates) that are held together by a liquid binder like cement that hardens or cures over time. The most popular type of cement is Portland cement, which is a fine powder made by burning limestone and clay components in a kiln and then adding gypsum. As a result, Portland cement concrete is made up of mineral aggregate, Portland cement, and water. The cement hardens or cures after mixing, resulting in the stone-like material we know as concrete. You can find quality mortar and concrete additives in Malaysia here.

Timber - Enrich Multitrade Sdn. Bhd.
  1. Wood

Wood isn’t exactly new, but it’s still one of the most durable and effective building materials available. While wood has significant disadvantages, it also possesses long-term durability. If wood is exposed to a lot of moisture over time, it might become a problem. It is, however, exceedingly robust, easy to manipulate, and far less expensive than other materials. With adequate insulation and construction procedures, wood-framed structures can survive a very long time. Wood is a wonderful material choice for most new construction homes and buildings as long as the project is done correctly.

4. Stone

Stone, which has been used for thousands of years, is the most durable building material available. In reality, stones are still used to construct some of the world’s oldest structures. It has numerous advantages, yet engineers and architects must take extra care when designing a structure made of stone.


Your Career in Game Development

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
Your Career in Game Development

Video games are a major emerging art form, and game design classes are increasingly the norm. By participating in these programs, students have the opportunity to have hands-on experience with game development to prepare them for their future careers.

You may be asking, what is a game design course? Programs focused on this skill set are divided into two areas of study: theoretical and practical. Understanding game theory is essential to success, but students may also be able to create real games to build experience and a portfolio at the same time.

Besides building a portfolio that can help you find a job after getting design, game design courses also build a personal skill set that will be beneficial in this industry. The ability to communicate and work. With a group is imperative in game design, as well as critical thinking and problem solving.

The nature of the gaming industry allows for great flexibility in career options. More than ever, it is very possible to create video games independently. Otherwise, with a growing market, it becomes easier to find work with an existing studio. Plus, there are many different areas you can specialize in, including design, programming, art, scripting, production, writing, and research, so you can find the right niche. To your interests.

This is the most exciting time to work in this industry, so start looking into the game design courses available to you today. Search your Widad college program below and contact the admissions office directly. School of your choice by filling out the lead form. If you are unsure about taking a course in game design, you can start off with a diploma in secretarial management. Diploma pengurusan kesetiausahaan di Widad kolej adalah pilihan terbaik sebagai langkah pertama dalam kerjaya anda.

diploma pengurusan kesetiausahaan

Course Objective

Train design professionals capable of creating and developing games and other digital interfaces, with the ability to propose innovative solutions in Game Design, Illustration (Concept Art), 3D modeling and Programming (Level Design) associated with the systemic vision of design and interdisciplinary transit in the artistic-cultural, technological, managerial and humanities domains, in order to understand the socioeconomic and cultural context of which they are part.

Professional profile

The Bachelor of Design (with a line of training in Game Design and Digital Entertainment) should be able to organize, plan and manage game projects from conception, through production, placing on the market, use and disuse by the consumer and promote viability. Technical analysis of all stages of this development process in a given context. Also promote aesthetic / functional balance and create interfaces between aesthetics, psychology, economics, sociology and ergonomics.

Professional field

Creation, development and management of products for digital entertainment, involving games and interfaces transmitted by different digital media, observing cultural traits, characteristics of users and social and technological context, in agencies and producers of digital and interactive media, internet providers and companies game developers.


How Using Website Improves Business

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How Using Website Improves Business

There is one thing that a lot of people overlook, which is developing a website for business purposes. There are a lot of benefits to developing a website for your business. Without you realizing it, your business will improve a lot by having a website. You do not have to spend a lot of money on marketing after all after finishing developing a website because people will be trusting you by visiting your business website. You have built trust between people by developing a website without you noticing it. One of the things that you have after developed a website for your business is credibility. You have shown to people that you can stand by your own effort without depending on others at all. Most small businesses neglected this issue because they thought that they did not have to develop a website unless their business has grown big enough to do so. Either big or small business, there will be an impact because of it. By the way, if you are one of the people who work in digital marketing, you can be awarded or win digital marketing awards Malaysia if you succeed in marketing through a digital way.

  1. It will give an impact on the credibility

As previously mentioned just now, having or developing a website does give an impact on your business in terms of credibility. You have shown people that you can provide them one platform for your own team or your own self to shop. They did not have to go to third-party applications such as Shopee or Lazada to do their shopping activity. You also can give them feedback from previous customers who have been using your website to make them trust you more. You also can make a simple game on your website to make the interface become more interesting to be visited and your website can be listed as one of the 10 best game development in Malaysia and top 5 game development Malaysia for it.

  1. Increase your appearance online

By having a website, you can increase your presence and appearance in society through the internet. A lot of small businesses out there are just focusing on strengthening their appearance through social media platforms. You can leave them behind by developing your own website. People will be recommending your product to their friends because your products and business seem to have credibility compared to other brands and products. That is how much a website can be improving your business without you as a business owner realizing it. That is why people who know about it really recommend it to you or any other business owner out there to develop a business website. You just need to spend a lot of money in the starting process of developing a website and after that, you do not have to put a lot of money in terms of marketing. 

In conclusion, you as a business owner either a small or a big one, do not have to hesitate in building a business website because, at the end of the day, it will only give you profits. Just hire someone to do it or you capable to do it by yourself, you should really start now. 

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What is USB?

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
What is USB?

Have you ever heard about USB? USB is a universal serial bus and it is a cable and connecter also a protocol to connect, communicate, and supply power. The first USB was invented in 1996 and Ajay Bhatt is the inventor.  Anjay Bhatt was graduated from Maharaja Sayajirao Univerity of Baroda in India and he also had his master’s in New York. In 1990, he joined Intel as a senior staff architect and surprisingly Ajay Bhatt did not create it for money. 

If you are wondering, what is the function of a universal serial bus controller also known as USB. USB can be used for transferring files, documents, photos, and more. It also used to transport data from one place to another place also a perfect device to backup files. USB is light and tiny it is really portable and can bring to anywhere. If you want to buy a USB there are many top universal serial bus controllers in Malaysia that you can choose from. 


Like other technology and devices, there is a lifespan for each thing also same to USB it has its own lifespan. Compare to other devices, USB can last long about 10 years only. The lifespan can be shorter and a non-quality USB cab only is used about a couple of times. Universal serial bus controller also known as USB has the risk of malware and virus. For those who not know, Malware is a short form of malicious software and it is really harmful to your computer. The virus is also harmful to your computer and it can spread through email, attachment, download, and also social media links that have scammed. The sign that you can see when your computer or laptop get the virus is when there are non stop pop-up window or your computer performance is slow that usually. There are also password changes that are very unusual. 

For your information, there are many versions of USB such as USB4, USB 3.2 gen 2×2, USB 3.2 Gen 2, USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1. There are also USB connectors such as USB type C, USB type A, USB Micro-A, USB 2.0 Micro-A, USB Micro-B, USB Mini-A, and USB Mini-B. USB is really useful in our daily life especially when we always use a computer or laptop for doing assignments or work. 

Discover more universal serial bus controllers in Malaysia if you like to know more or click here for more info on Omron fiber sensor Malaysia. If you interest you can check out Omron products there are many Omron power supplies in Malaysia because Omron Corporation has many products in electronic devices. By the way, for sure now you know what is USB but if you want to know more about USB you can check it out on Google because now you know the basic things about USB. USB creation actually gives many benefits to us such as can transfer files, transport data, a backup device and it is very portable to bring anywhere. The creation is very beautiful and thanks to Ajay Bhatt because now we can get many benefits by using his technology.

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The effects of not consuming sufficient vegetables

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The effects of not consuming sufficient vegetables

     Nowadays, there is so much awareness regarding the benefits of taking vegetables in your daily food intake. Yet, people would still take it lightly as they do not see the importance and the effect of not consuming it. The effect of not taking this seriously and not having it in your food intake has so many effects and these effects can only be seen after a long time. Normally, the people that got these effects will be surprised and by that time there is nothing they can do except to take medicines or practice eating healthily. In this article, I will share with you the effects of ignoring the importance of vegetable consumption in your life.

   Firstly, not getting enough vegetables in your diet can give you an unhealthy digestive system. Unhealthy digestive systems are when you have trouble defecating. How would you know that you have an unhealthy digestive system? You would find it hard to release toxins from your body and leads to your stomach feeling bloated, which causes to make you to feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Moreover, by not being able to release the toxins from your body, your back body will be prone to have acne. By ensuring you have sufficient vegetable consumption, your body will thank you by providing a healthy digestive system. 

   Other than that, lacking vegetable consumption can result in acne-prone skin. Vegetables like avocados, tomatoes, garlic, and flax seeds, will provide you smoother and glowing skin. Furthermore, vegetables have antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C, which would give hydration to radiant glow to the skin. Additionally, these vegetables can prevent wrinkles and give a youthful complexion. 

   Last but not least, you are prone to get chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, by not having enough vegetables in your food intake. Malaysians nowadays have so many problems and diseases for their food intake, and one of them is not eating sufficient vegetables. Naturally, vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and bok choy are recommended to fight cancer. This is because these vegetables contain so many things like fiber which are known as cancer preventive. Moreover, garlic and onions also have some cancer-fight properties. Therefore, adding up vegetables to your food intake might save you from these chronic diseases. Read a lot of interesting articles here.

   In conclusion, there so many disadvantages of not taking vegetables in your life, and so many advantages by consuming it. Vegetables can be hard to eat, but it is important for our future and our bodies. Our bodies will thank us, our faces will show it and we will be glad to make it a habit to practice eating vegetables. There are so many ways we can try to eat our vegetables, just so we can take it. I know that some of you would like to try it, and might not be able to buy groceries during this global pandemic. But there are also so many ways you could purchase fresh vegetables, like online vegetables Malaysia


How to Keep Your iPhone Battery Healthy

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How to Keep Your iPhone Battery Healthy

Keeping battery healthy is important

The biggest problem iPhone users have with their iPhones, is the fact that the battery drains fast. The longer you have it, it’s battery life decrease ever faster than ever. You would need to prepare power bank or your charger every time, for even if it’s full, your phone does not really last long. It’s very hassle, really. So to help you out, and keep your battery healthy, here are some tips you should really follow. Just read through the whole article to find out. 

Do and Dont’s

The first you should always do, is to not use your phone while it’s charging. Many of us do this all the time. We just can’t get our hands off on our phone, that’s why even if its charging, we’re still there using it. We basically don’t give it a time to rest. So if you’re the same, you should definitely change that attitude. When your phone is charging, make sure to keep your hands of it. Tend to other things such as reading or sketching. Use it only it finishes charging.

Don’t plug out your phone when it haven’t reach a hundred percent. Even if you have to go, and you’re just waiting for your phone, make sure that it finishes charging. And on the other hand, don’t charge your phone if it haven’t reached 20%. Plugging in and plugging out constantly, can surely cause a damage on your phone. 

When your phone reach a hundred percent, don’t plug it out as soon as possible. Make sure to wait for a few minutes more before plugging it out. There is a tendency that you iPhone is not really yet fully charge even if it says it is. So to make sure that it is, you need to wait for a few minutes after it reached a hundred percent.

Doing the things mentioned above can greatly help in keeping your iPhone battery healthy. You don’t have to worry anymore about draining your battery fast. Your battery health will surely stay high if you take care of it correctly. By doing the things mentioned above, you’re guaranteed that you’re heading to the right direction. You can no longer feel stress and hassle about your iPhone battery, because you won’t be having any trouble with it anymore, since you’ll be taking care of it the right way, starting today. 

But, if worse comes to worst that your iPhone battery gets damage, there is a way to fix that. We know trusted reliable people that can surely fix it up by replacing it with an fixspecialist. They don’t charge as much as an iStore so you can really save a great deal of money from them. You can surely trust Malaysia to offer you such amazing service. In no time, you will be enjoying your iPhone that lasts for a long time. No need to carry around any power bank when going out anymore! Go now before it’s too late! 

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What Makes Malaysia Attractive

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Why Is Malaysia Attractive

We don’t have a choice where we were born. However, we have a choice when it comes where we want to settle down. So, if you are not contented in your birthland and you feel like there are better opportunities somewhere, you should go for it. You are your own boss and if you have the means, why not follow your dreams? 

Among the many countries now, you can say that Malaysia is one of the most promising. Yes, and in fact, more and more tourists are attracted to this place.

So, what really makes Malaysia attractive to tourists?

  • The people are really friendly. So, if you are not a local here or this is the first time you are visiting Malaysia, you won’t be intimidated easily as there are so many locals who can assist you. They will be willing to give you the needed info for you to get settled easy as quickly as possible. 
  • Malaysia is full of different attractions that are enticing to the tourists. In fact, they don’t even need to market them as those who have experienced them will voluntarily do so to their friends and relatives.
  • Another good thing about this country is it has a lot of opportunities. This is even why, this is now one of the top places when it comes to foreign investments. One of the top industries here that is worth investing is their real estate. They have great properties and if you are planning to settle here, you should start checking them out. 

So, do you think this is the best place for you and for your family? Why not check out some of their best places to settle like Kota Kinabalu, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Kajang. All of the places mentioned can offer you beautiful properties, so you should start checking them out now. 


The Things That Matter When Investing in a Property

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The Things that Matter when Investing in a Property

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about buying a multiunit complex for sure fire rental, purchasing a home now with selling it a couple of years or benefitting from the acquisition of a fixer-upper that can be exchanged at an a lot more significant expense, this is what to search for while thinking about land as a venture:

Plan on a major initial installment. Home loan protection isn’t accessible for speculation properties, so a 20 percent initial installment is required to get conventional financing. What’s more, putting significantly increasingly down can bring about a superior rate. Additionally, credit costs are commonly higher for venture properties.

What sort of property would you say you are going to purchase?

First, we have to take a gander at buying units. With a unit you will have additional expenses called strata charges or body corporate expenses. These expenses can be an agony since it strips your income and you have next to no power over what is finished. While you are a speculator there will be individuals who live in and possess different units. Since these individuals in reality live there, they will have various thoughts for the cash versus a financial specialist who just possesses the unit.

You could lose a great deal of authority over your costs when putting resources into a unit. In any case, there are likewise issues to consider when purchasing a house. Simply ensure you do your exploration and settle on an insightful choice on what sort of property you ought to put resources into.

Provincial or city investments?

Many individuals love putting resources into the city on the grounds that there is a solid interest for property with more than 4,000,000 individuals that live in Sydney.

With provincial zones anyway there aren’t the same number of individuals. Be that as it may, country territories have their advantages too. You can get properties that are less expensive, get higher rental yields and increment the estimation of the property.

A few people say urban areas outperform country regions however it’s not highly contrasting. Urban communities give you capital development while provincial zones give you positive income so simply ensure you do your examination.

In the event that you need assistance on the most proficient method to do research and discover the number of inhabitants in a territory, what the economy resembles, what sort of houses individuals live in, and so on at that point you have to consider turning into an On Property In addition to part.

What territory will you purchase?

You can’t simply take a gander at a lot of properties everywhere throughout the nation and hope to discover something that is an extraordinary speculation. I get a ton of messages from individuals who state a property is limited for some explanation and they believe it’s an extraordinary chance. In any case, they don’t do any investigation into the region that they’re becoming tied up with. Because a property says it’s limited doesn’t really mean it’s a decent territory to put resources into. Likewise the property may not be limited. It’s conceivable the merchants were asking excessively and you’re really getting it at showcase esteem.

You truly need to inquire about what territory you need to purchase in to see whether it will be a wise venture. One way you could do this is by buying a Residex report. Another strategy is to utilize statistics to get some answers concerning the populace and economy.

You could likewise simply discover a zone you need to put resources into. It doesn’t need to be the place you live in light of the fact that despite the fact that you need to live in a region that doesn’t imply that it’s a decent region to put resources into. Continuously look outside and pick a territory dependent on the development potential and what you will accomplish monetarily.

Will you see a home loan dealer?

I generally suggest seeing a home loan representative since they approach various kinds of credits and can point you the correct way.

They’re commonly a free assistance and get payed commission by the banks. The main time that you most likely wouldn’t utilize a home loan intermediary is the point at which you don’t have a simple case and it is hard to discover a bank for you. Like I referenced home loan merchants possibly get payed when you sign a credit so there is a great deal of home loan intermediaries out there who aren’t keen on managing individuals that would have convoluted advance applications.

Would it be a good idea for you to pick a specialist or a conveyancer?

From my own dealings with conveyancers I’ve heard that they are less expensive in light of the fact that they’re just centered around property law. So, in the event that something abnormal were to occur and the circumstance heightens, at that point they can’t generally partake in it and you would need to procure a specialist so as to support you.

A specialist has a more extensive profundity of information so if a circumstance gets muddled they can help you more. However, in the event that things are going easily, at that point a conveyancer will carry out the responsibility for you. You have to work out whether you need to burn through $2,000-$3,000 for a specialist or $1,000 for a conveyancer who won’t have a wide scope of information if a circumstance heightened.

Be sure to choose a property that can really satisfy you like the OUG Parklane, Ekocheras, Vortex KLCC, KL Eco City, and KL Traders Square.


How to Enhance Your Distribution Network

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How to Enhance Your Distribution Network

How to Enhance Your Distribution Network

In order to stay competitive, your business should never be stagnant. You should always be creative and plan to at least level any of the facets of your business one at a time. Like for example your distribution network, you can easily do this with the help of the best distributor management system software in kuala lumpur.
Yes, as this software can make your distribution logistics simpler and easier to deal with, even with less manpower. This can even be just cost-effective. Here are some other ways of expanding your distribution network:

person typing on gray and black HP laptop

• Your retailers will surely using plan for attractive offers in lieu of festive seasons. You can also come up with great ideas to support their plans. This should make occasional customers become regulars.
• You can keep your offers personal. Yes, nothing can beat the fact that someone is really taking an extra mile for us. This is what your customers will feel as well.
• Be sure that your customers can order from their homes with successful anytime they need to. Note that they also have customers to be nice with.
Yes, you can indeed enhance the distribution network of your business with the right approach and with the help of a reliable distribution management system.


What is Halal Chicken

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What is Halal Chicken

What is Halal Chicken

Halal is Arabic for passable. Halal nourishment is what holds fast to Islamic law, as characterised in the Qu’ran. The Islamic type of butchering creatures or poultry, dhabiha, includes executing through a slice to the jugular vein, carotid supply route and windpipe. Creatures must be alive and sound at the season of butcher and all blood is depleted from the remains. During the procedure, a Muslim will present a devotion, know as tasmiya or shahada. There is banter about components of halal, for example, in the case of staggering is permitted. Shocking can’t be utilised to slaughter a creature, as indicated by the Halal Food Authority (HFA), a non-benefit association that screens adherence to halal business standards. Be that as it may, it very well may be utilised on the off chance that the creature endures and is, at that point executed by halal techniques, the HFA includes for the halal chicken supplier singapore.

How far reaching is staggering?

The RSPCA says butcher without pre-dazzling causes “pointless misery”. UK Food Standards Agency figures from 2011 recommend 84% of steers, 81% of sheep and 88% of chickens butchered for halal meat were staggered before they passed on. Markets selling halal items state they daze all creatures before they are butchered. Tesco says the main distinction between the halal meat it sells and other meat is that it was honored as it was murdered. Shocking of domesticated animals has been obligatory in the EU since 1979, in spite of the fact that part states can concede exceptions for religious butcher. A few nations, including Denmark, have selected to boycott non-dazzling butcher inside and out. The UK government says it has no expectation of forbidding religious butcher.

Shocking of domesticated animals

Introduced in England in 1929 with precisely worked shocker gadget.
Mandatory in EU since 1979, yet exceptions can be conceded for religious butcher. Method empowers abattoirs to process creatures all the more rapidly. Mis-shocks including hostage jolt happen “generally oftentimes”, European Food Safety Authority report says – leaving creature cognizant and in torment. Animals can likewise recover awareness.

Is it unique in relation to genuine meat?

Legitimate nourishment follows Jewish dietary law (kashrut), again overseeing what can and can’t be eaten by those rehearsing the confidence. There are similitudes in the technique for butcher in that both require utilisation of a carefully sharp blade and exceptionally prepared slaughtermen. Jewish law carefully precludes the utilisation of shocking and meats are not honored similarly. Not at all like for halal, kashrut does not require God’s name to be said before each butcher after an underlying gift. Kashrut prohibits the utilisation of specific pieces of the remains, including the sciatic nerve and specific fats. Halal additionally restricts utilisation of some remains parts including the balls and bladder.

What are the guidelines on naming?

Right now, there is no necessity for halal or fit meat to be explicitly named.

For what reason are retailers and cafes selling it?

By guaranteeing sustenance meets halal criteria, retailers and eateries are making their items reasonable for the UK’s Muslim populace. Under HFA rules, slaughterhouses must be totally halal agreeable. That implies they can’t have a few regions that fulfill guidelines and others which don’t. The HFA says numerous slaughterhouses will have moved to halal procedures so they do not lose Muslim clients. The most recent evaluation recommends there are 2.7 million Muslims in the UK, with a spending force assessed in the locale of £20bn.

How far reaching is halal in the UK?

Various grocery stores including Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Morrisons, and the Co-operation all sell halal sheep. Some Waitrose sheep items are given a Halal gift, yet are not provided independently and are subsequently not considered halal on the racks, the chain said. The Sun paper provoked a discussion in the wake of running a first page announcing that all chicken served at Pizza Express was halal and clients were not being told. It is easier now for the consumer to easily get their supply from halal chicken supplier singapore.

People who lives or plans to travel in the Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, there is no need for them to get worried about halal food. Because most of the food are halal.