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Laminar Flow Cabinet For Your Lab

Posted by Kamarul Azman on

A Laminar Flow Cabinet is a laboratory that focuses on the study of laminar flow. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they all circulate air at different speeds to prevent drag. This allows scientists to see how the shape of a piece of material affects its ability to get pushed through the air by using a series of gears that manipulate the speed of the air passing through it. A laminar flow cabinet is a cabinet used in laboratories. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment that is used to conduct experiments and tests. The lab gets its name from its characteristic of flowing smoothly and without obstruction, which was achieved by using a laminar flow hood. The Laminar Flow Cabinet is a new product line from LabShop Malaysia. It is a cabinet with a super-fine particle filter that guarantees that 100% of particles and aerosols will be removed from the air in your lab or office. The cabinets are aesthetically pleasing with high density foam insulation and durable steel framing. This product line will be available very soon for $599 each.

Laminar Flow Malaysia

Designing a Laboratory

When designing a laboratory, you should know that the room is going to have a lot of air moving. The air will come in one door and leave through the other, continuing throughout the lab. This can cause turbulence in the lab’s air. When turbulence occurs, it can inhibit airflow and lead to formation of static charges. If this happens, then it can cause sparks and particles that could ignite items in your lab. These cabinets are specially designed to be used in laboratories. They ensure that no contaminants get into the experiment and make sure that the results are accurate. The cabinet is easy to maintain, it requires little upkeep and it has a low cost of operation. This makes these cabinets great for labs where safety is important. This laminar flow malaysia Cabinet features a high level of precision and durability. The cabinet includes all the necessary panels and components for it to work properly. This is a high-quality appliance that you can rely on for lab testing as it is durable enough to last for years of use. The Biobase Laminar Flow Cabinet System is a modular system that features a range of lab panels and components. These components include worktops, wall cabinets, drawers, splashproof cabinets, doors and more. The system is carefully designed to ensure that it provides the required space for any laboratory applications.

Laminar Flow Malaysia

Typical Applications for a Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinets are used for anything that needs to be cleaned in a laboratory setting. Some of the applications for which LFC’s are used include incubators, water baths, and DNA sequencers The Laminar Flow Cabinet for your Lab is made of a sturdy acrylic and comes with a lockable glass front door that can be opened without touching the glass. It provides a safe work area for lab researchers and has plenty of storage space.

Laminar Flow Malaysia

Carbon Steel Pipings and The Benefits Offered

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
carbon steel pipe malaysia

Carbon steel pipings are made of carbon steel and are usually used in heavy-duty industries. Examples of heavy-duty industries are ships and infrastructure. The reason why they are widely used is because of their durability and strength. Many industries would use carbon steel piping. In case you are looking for carbon steel pipe Malaysia, they are always available at the suppliers. What are the benefits of using carbon steel pipings and why are they widely used? 

The main industry that is known to use carbon steel is the piping industry. Typically, carbon steel pipings are used in process plants, refinery factories and also the chemical industry. 

Generally, carbon steel is divided into three groups. 

  1. Low Carbon Steel or Mild Steel 

The carbon content in mild steel is usually around 0.04% to 0.30%. 

  1. Medium Carbon Steel

The carbon content is about 0.31% to 0.60% with 0.60% to 1.65% of manganese content. They are normally harder to be formed and weld. 

  1. High Carbon Steel

They are known as “carbon tool steel” and usually the carbon content can range between 0.61% and 1.50%. This is the hardest carbon steel to bend and weld. 

Benefits of Using Carbon Steel Pipings

carbon steel pipe malaysia

Since they are very popular in various industries, there must be reasons why right? Let’s take a look at the benefits offered that made them gain their popularity.

  • Cost-effective

Most people are very particular about things that involve money. If there are no damages that can be seen, there is no need for any replacements. Since steel pipings can be made thinner than other types of pipes, they are able to carry the same dimensions’ capacity. This is why these kinds of pipes are cheaper. You can even shape these pipes to whatever specifications that you need. 

  • Durability

This is probably the most mentioned aspect of steel pipes. They are known to be highly durable, hence why they are cost-effective too. They are only necessary to be replaced if there is any damage or malfunction that can be seen. They can be used in both high and low temperatures and in a situation where the pH levels are very low. However, there are some cases where this type of steel is not able to be used in certain industries and might cause a hazardous situation. Therefore, the correct usage of this steel is very crucial. 

  • Safety

Out of all aspects, this is very vital as it involves people’s safety and lives. Carbon steel pipings, as mentioned before are very durable. They are resistant to many aspects due to their strength, which means they are trusted and safe to be used. The most important thing to remember is to use the correct type of steel that contains the suitable carbon content for the industry.

  • Sustainability 
carbon steel pipe malaysia

Carbon steels are usually easier to recycle than other materials, making them environmentally friendly. Many people tend to overlook this aspect even though it has been proven that these types of steel can be recycled.