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How To Properly Prepare A Tupperware To Eat At Work

Posted by Kamarul Azman on

A most common activity such as eating at work contains many responsibilities, since if we do not eat properly it can cause damage to our health. We make mistakes like ordering food instead of making it ourselves, eating only snacks, eating in front of the computer, in a hurry and accompanying the food with sugary drinks or soft drinks. These are small errors that, in the long run, take their toll.

But even those who wear the apron often make mistakes as no one is perfect. For this reason, this article from the Food Safety Technology Center is going to give a few tips on how to do it correctly.

Tips To Prepare Tuppers And Not Make Mistakes

Have A Menu

The worst thing we can do when resorting to tupper Food storage is to fall into monotony. In the end we have little time to prepare it and we make the same meals every week. To be able to make different meals, it is best to make a menu on weekends in order to organize and plan ahead of time and not overwhelm ourselves.

Salad Dressing

It is common for people to choose to make salads, since it is a quick, nutritious and tasty dish if we know how to choose the right ingredients. The seasoning we put on it the day before going to work is a mistake. It is best to take it in a separate container and toss it when we eat , otherwise the ingredients will become limp and mushy.

Better Glass Than Plastic

Although most tuppers are made of plastic, the best option is glass, since they are very resistant, do not alter the taste of food, withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold and are respectful with the environment.

Close Hot

We have the misconception that after preparing food it is best to store it in the tupperware, cover it with the lid and put it in the fridge. But it’s not like that. We must respect the cold chain, we have to let it cool down to room temperature before closing and storing it in the fridge. It is not recommended to mix raw ingredients with hot ones. Prepare too much or too little

The size of the tuppers does not always correspond to a normal portion of food. Therefore, to avoid falling short of food or wasting food that has cost us so much to do. It is best to put the food on a plate beforehand to know how much we have to prepare.

Do Not Wash The Tupper At The Moment

When we have finished eating, we drain the remaining food and put the tupper in the backpack. A normal process, but not washing it even a little in the bathroom can lead to bad odors that accumulate, some residues harden and then cost more to clean, and causes the container to spoil much sooner.


Most people probably take out the container before going to work and let it thaw on the counter. But, to do it in a better way, we can let the food defrost a day before so that it takes its time, and not leave parts without defrosting. The solution for this would be to put it in the microwave. However, this is another mistake since this sudden change in temperature increases the risk of poisoning.

Experts recommend the use of insulated bags or ice sheets to keep food fresh during the journey and to keep food in the fridge until consumption.


Online Banking Site and its Advantages.

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
online banking site in Malaysia

When it comes to deciding where to put one’s money, the options seem limitless. Over the past couple of years multiple banks have popped up all across Malaysia with a branch of some national bank occupying every other street corner. Due to this, many people are now facing a dilemma when it comes to choosing their banks because accessibility is no longer a driving force. 

In recent years, online banking sites in Malaysia have been gaining popularity. This can be attributed to the ease of transaction it provides as well as the increased security. Hence, a lot of people have started choosing their banks based on the amenities offered by the said banks’ online services. 

Advantages of Online Banking. 

  1. No Physical Locations. 

Online banking sites in Malaysia do not come with the limitations of a physical bank. Online banks can be accessed at any given moment via the banking app or the webpage.

  1. Speedy Process. 

Using Online banking sites in Malaysia for the payment of bills or the opening of a bank account is much faster than in a traditional, brick and mortar bank. Once the patron has filled out some basic information, their bank account is opened and validated within minutes if not seconds. The process is hassle free and does not require the patron to fill out multiple forms with the same questions over and over again. It also does not require one to wait for at least two weeks while everything is approved for their bank account. Payment of bills is also faster in online banking. One does not need to stand for hours in a line with a physical copy of the bill and payment money and wait for their turn at the window. Online banking allows users to pay their bills on the go. 

online banking site in Malaysia
  1. A Slick Process. 

Banking is one of the most harrowing and traumatizing experiences for people. It is often reported that people are unhappy with the way their banks are treating them and generally prefer to not have to go to their banks. Mobile internet banking takes out the multiple middle men and paperwork. It allows people to complete their bank related tasks without any hassles or delays. 

  1. Higher Interest Rates. 

Online banking sites in Malaysia have the ability to offer higher interest rates to their patrons since the online version does not have additional expenditure in the form of building maintenance and office supplies for the workers. 

  1. Next to No Fees. 

Online banking sites in Malaysia do not dabble in multiple, small transactions fees that it expects its patrons to pay every time a back related activity is completed. 

  1. Phone Customer Services. 

In addition to providing customer support in the form of forums where banking experts and managers answer questions regarding the issues being faced by the patrons, mobile internet banking is also fully equipped with phone support. Those who prefer a human touch or cannot find an answer on the forums can call the helpline set up by the bank and get their answers. 

Online banking sites in Malaysia have a number of pros and very few cons. The form of banking is not hindered by dated limitations such as working hours and accessibility. They make the patrons’ lives easier by allowing them to complete their transactions and check their bank account on the go. Hong Leong also has an online banking site in Malaysia. Check it out today!

online banking site in Malaysia