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How Common Are Oil Spills In The Ocean?

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
How Common Are Oil Spills In The Ocean?

Does anyone say the pretty shiny rainbow spill in random corners of the city? This rainbow spill that is oil spills on the roads is sometimes a little bit fascinating because of the luminous color. However, while the sheen looks pretty on the concrete floor, it certainly looks anything but pretty on the ocean.

This pollution caused by the likes of oil or on the other hand petroleum has been going on for a decade. The pollution is not limited to the likes of concrete or the huge plants on lands but it is now breached all the way into the ocean. And certainly not for one or two incidents. Over the years companies have come under fire for causing major oil spills that deteriorated the lives of aquatic organisms as well as humans. We are far from the truth if we believe that oils spills in the ocean have no impact on humans. The reality is, the consequences are much more damaging than we could imagine. 

Did you know that oil coats everything it touches? What do you think would happen if oil oneday were to reach the beautiful coastal lines and beaches of Malaysia. Would it simple come and go or would it coat every little thing on the beach including the millions of sand grains? How can we enjoy a trip to the beach and shallow waters when our favorite destination is now covered all in oil. From the sand to the birds, they are coated with oil as a result of an oil spill. And it is sad to say this is not a one-time incident. 

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A few months ago world news headlines told us that an entire Sri Lankan beach is now covered in the toxicity of oil. The Singapore X pearl that was carrying our favorite cosmetics burned in the Indian ocean for eight consequent days where both oil and plastic pellets spilled and made it’s way to the Sri Lankan coast. The number of oil and debris lining up was astonishing, to say the least. This was not only a great loss to the Sri Lankans and its tourism but it is also a huge loss to the marine life which would be in grave danger as a result of both oil and microplastics.

These are not the only accidents of oil spills that happened from shipping accidents and even pipeline failure. Years ago the french coast suffered in a similar incident. Millions of organisms died as a result of the oil spill that happened on a cargo ship that was carried more than 60 million gallons of crude oil. 

However, ships are not the only way we have massive oil spills in the ocean. A massive human error in the pipeline or any other welding issue during oil drilling and mining has caused so many lives to be lost. Oils spills are only growing to be more and more common every day and this is why major companies must take action today for better and much more creative safety implementations. When choosing to do business, or doing shipping, or working with marine life, it is always important to remain on the safer side as a result of how common oil spills are. Some of the major top 5 marine company in Malaysia has taken precautions to make the world and the ocean a safer place. Nevertheless, it is our duty to remain educated about issues faced by marine life.