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Future-proofing Against Automation And The Changing Workplace

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
Future-proofing Against Automation And The Changing Workplace

Automation In The Workplace

Based on a recent 2016 survey by chartered accountants of a number of countries, two-thirds of the population who had career early on (0–5 years’ experience) believe that their job will not take place (or will fundamentally shift) in the next 15 years. This indicates that the majority expects that they will have to reskill, retrain or face possible unemployment. You will gain additional credentials such as diploma while you continue working and studying online at the same time.

Accelerated career pathway

Starting with a diploma lets you speed your journey up the qualification ladder while you work. You can attain Recognition of Prior Learning ‘credits’ towards higher qualifications and reduce the time it takes to finish a Bachelor or Post-Graduate qualification.

The best choice for cost-effective education

It is encouraging to know that VET remains a cost-effective choice for achieving a diploma in a political climate of increasing education costs.  Significantly, provided the rising cost of formal education, VET is also a more cost-effective training option for both businesses and individuals.

Greater and fairer accessibility

Admission into VET generally involves completion of schooling equivalent to Years 10, 11 or 12. University entry usually has a stricter entry requirement of Year 12 graduation, weighted by the final score. VET provides a wider chance to people looking to develop their career opportunities.

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Security of a world recognised system

The Vocational education and training (VET) system is one of the most sophisticated in the world. VET stands out for being:

Industry led – employers and industry representatives describe what result is required from training

National – the system is cooperatively controlled by state, territory and Australian governments

Client focused – it is flexible and appropriate and responsive to client needs

More choices are better for your back pocket

There were 3864 private training providers in 2016. The great news for you is that this marketplace lets you receive a quality VET education for a reasonable investment. Nevertheless, put in mind that 281 of these were either withdrawn or finished.

One must consider pursuing a Diploma course if:

  • You have planned on pursuing a specific industry which needs practical & hands-on expertise
  • You need to begin earning early, or first achieve work experience then take up a Degree
  • You are low on budget and needs assistance on the budget to continue your education
  • You failed on your SPM and have 3 or 4 credits only

One must NOT consider pursuing a Diploma course if:

  • You are not certain of your plans in the future
  • You dream of taking academically interesting Degrees, like for example Medicine
  • You are searching for the best road to take to enter in top universities abroad

Check out this video to learn about the top diploma courses:

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