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Increase your creativity

Posted by Kamarul Azman on
Increase your creativity

Increase your creativity

Humans are accepted as the best creature because of their abilities and creative thinking. Human can do a lot of things which others creature cannot do.

So, so the world is run by humans and nature also sometimes accept the human decisions through humans also can maintain the nature and get protection and prevention from natural disasters. Humans change the world with their ideas and creative thinking. The things for humans are known most that is of course their smartest thinking and creativity. And if you want to start something by creating new item then your creativity will be your power.

When you start something with a big area and invest some money and most of the time people want to make everything which will give them a popularity. Most of them are their representing tools and when you are new in the company or in the market then you should think more about your promoting through there are many techniques with the promoting methods but still there are somethings which can help you to obtain a good result in your promoting method which is create your representing tools with creativity so forget about the old promotion techniques and start something new with your creativity level.

You can design your signboard as your company or shops product like if you are supplying book then you can create your signboard in books shape and also if your company is a real estate you can build your signage as the building shape by mixing up with few more arts and make a unique signage for your company describe by the signage supplier Malaysia.

If you think that logo, signboard or these representing tools are for just attract the customer then you are definitely wrong because these tools is also work as a motivational thing for you to increase your willpower with your creative ideas.

With your creativity, you can create a signage that not only looks pretty but could empower those who are seeing it.



Posted by Kamarul Azman on

Hilton Happenings

Paya Serai in August “Sawasdeliciously Thai” 

From the “Land of Smiles”, Paya Serai bring you authentic flavors of Thai cuisine served buffet style for lunch and dinner. Guest chefs from Hilton Bangkok will conjure dishes using fresh Thai herbs and spices. Exotic salads, soups, curry dishes and desserts are prepared in true Thai style. For the promotion, Thai Hostess Siripa Intayot will introduce diners to specialities such as larb nuea (spicy minced beef with herbs), goong plar (spicy shrimp salad), woon krati (Thai jelly with coconut milk) and more. At the front of Paya Serai Restaurant, a wide range of Thai art and Thai handicraft will be on display. The buffet lunch and dinner is price at RM 48.00 nett for adults and RM 25.00 nett for children below 12 years old. 

Melting Mooncakes

The Mid Autumn Festival is an event celebrated with much joy by the Chinese community. It marks the successful uprising of the Chinese against the Mongols. The KL Hilton invites you to join in the festivities by sampling the delicious choices of mooncakes, made by Chef Tang Lai and his team. The varieties include lotus seed paste with single yolk, assorted mixed nuts, white lotus seed paste with single yolk, snow skin lotus skin paste with single egg yolk and much more. The mooncakes are available from 14th August to 12th September at the Tsui Yuen and Gourmet House.

Grilled and Mediterranean Specials at Uncle Chilli’s

The new all day dining menu at Uncle Chili’s now presents a more exciting mix of grilled and Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes such as Uncle Chilli’ s brochette, BBQ beef ribs, salmon fillet, rack of lamb, join other exciting new dishes.

For starters, diners can enjoy hot favorites such as rosalita, buffalo wings and  bruschetta. The bruschetta is a must try as it is toast with garlic and a tangy tomato and basil mix for under RM 10.00. each ala carte order comes with a complimentary home made tomato bread served fresh from the oven.

Thin-crusted pizzas offering five different choices of fillings are now top favorites at Uncle Chili’s. Take for instance, Fisherman, a mixture of prawns, fish, clams, mussels, basil, sautéed onion and capers topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Truly a gastronomic delight !

Sinful dessert creations range from tiramisu, cheesecake, cassata to Haagan Daz scoops of ice cream or just a refreshing plate of fresh tropical fruit served with mango coulis !

For reservations, call Jay at 755 9122 ext. 4321.